Some things you need to know before applying

The policy is administered by Precise Protect Ltd. an FCA regulated company with registration number 575993.

You can read more about Precise Protect HERE.

You must be between the ages of 18 – 69 to apply.

Your benefit amount cannot exceed 60% of your overall earnings.

You can keep the policy up to age 70.

You must be a UK resident to apply.

You must be working more than 16 hours per week if employed or at least 6 months if self employed.

You’ll be pleased to know exclusions have been kept to a minimum.

We have nothing to hide, you can read about our exclusions HERE.

What does ‘Moratorium’ mean?

This means NO medical examinations or questionnaires and you can be accepted immediately without delay.

Any pre-existing medical conditions you are aware of, or for which you received treatment in the 12 months up to the policy start date, are excluded from cover until you are symptom free and have not consulted a doctor or received treatment for the condition for at least 24 months after the start date.

Any new medical conditions are not affected and will therefore be covered from the policy inception date, subject to the policy terms and conditions and your chosen deferred period.

We make it as easy as possible for you should you ever need to claim!!

  • Are you Self-Employed?
  • Have you ever tried to claim and had to provide evidence such as SA302’s or certified accounts?

Unlike other policies on the market we’ve decided to make it as simple as possible & hassle free should you have to claim.

Self-Employed – 6 months bank statements


– Evidence of Class 2 National Insurance Contributions

Employed  – Employer’s name and address

Quick & Easy To Claim

  • Phone For A Claim Form

  • Complete & Return

  • Wait Your Deferred Period

  • Receive Your Benefit

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