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Could you pay your bills if you were off work due to injury or illness?

Our low-cost flexible income protection plans cover you for general sports or Motorsports and provide monthly payments as well as fracture and accidental death lump sum payments. Scroll down to choose a plan to suit your needs!

Income Protection

Receive up to 60% of your income with no ratings surcharge for occupation, age, or pre-existing conditions.

Cover from Day 1

Receive your benefits of up to £1500 tax-free per month back-paid to day 1 after a 14- or 30-day wait period - you choose.

Additional Benefits

Lump sum payouts of up to £1,500 for fractures and up to £25,000 for accidental death included at no extra charge.


Fracture Cover

The Motorsports Fracture Plan from Precise Protect is deigned to payout if you sustain a fracture or dislocation, even when participating in Motorsports.

The plan is structured to cover multiple family members with 4 distinct options, Individual cover, Family Cover, Individual & Partner cover and Individual & Children cover.





What makes this plan unique?


  • We do not penalise you regardless of Age, Health or Claims

  • All sports covered

  • Protect your whole family with one policy

  • Multiple Fracture Pay-outs

  • Hospitalisation Cover


Cover is the same price for someone aged 18 or 70



Purchase Fracture Cover

Application Process

  • Choose Your Level Of Cover

    Use our product selection tool to help you choose the correct level of cover you need

  • Choose Your Waiting Period

    We have both 14 Day & 30 Day waiting periods, either way when you recieve your claim you'll get it back paid to the 1st day

  • Fill In The Application Form

    We've made our online application process as simple as possible, it only takes a few minutes

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You can also apply by phone just call our freephone on: 0800 520 0218

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Non-Motorsports Fracture Plans


Motorsports Fracture Plans

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Our online application is fast and easy! Plans are immediate acceptance regardless of pre-existing injuries or medical conditions if you can answer yes to the following questions:

Are you aged between 18-69(inclusive)?

Do you work a minimum of 16 hours per week if employed or have you been working at least 6 months if self employed?

Do you live and work in the UK?

If its yes all the way click 'Apply Here' and follow our application questionnaire to help you select the correct plan options for your income and sporting activity.

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You can also apply by phone just call 0800 520 0218

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